Vicky Hsieh

Vicky Hsieh is an Instructional Coach at the Environmental Charter School, Lower School in Pittsburgh, PA. ECS works to build, active, engaged and thoughtful citizens. Units of study are place-problem-project based, arts integrated, and consider a child’s social and emotional needs. Partnerships with local community organizations and frequent outdoor experiences help to contextualize content for learners. Under the coaching model, Vicky works with teachers to develop mindsets and curriculum that foster curious and creative learners who care and appreciate themselves, others, and their natural and built environment.

Before coaching, Vicky’s literacy classroom facilitated student investigation and encouraged active citizenship through the integration of technology, environmental literacy, and place-based learning. Digital media was used as an authentic resource and communication platform to build upon core literacy skills. She is able to bring this experience into the coaching work that she currently does with teachers.

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