Linda Hippert / photo courtesy of AIU

As Executive Director for the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, Linda Hippert puts kids and creativity first. She began her career in education as a high school math teacher and served as a school superintendent for 13 years before taking on her current position, coordinating 42 partner school districts of the region.

“We’re an educational service agency,” she says of the AIU’s programming, which not only provides professional development for teachers but also grants for school districts and special education services for students with disabilities. “We provide services Pre-K through adult. Our team’s mission is to make Pittsburgh the best place in the world to be and raise a child, and to promote the idea of Kidsburgh.”

AIU is a key member of the Remake Learning Network, and Linda believes that her collaborative work with the Sprout Fund is emblematic of how Pittsburghers come together. “I think it sets us apart as a region because we are emphasizing the fact that for students to achieve, creativity is essential.”

This is why she celebrates the teamwork of educators, administrators, museum staffers, business and political leaders, and others who help build the brick and mortar of a kid-friendly region. “I think what is unique about Pittsburgh is that people from various professions are all linked by the common thread helping kids in our region to be creative and these are people that may not typically come together. But they’re sharing this vision and committed to this vision becoming a reality.”

Linda is a member of the Remake Learning Council.

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