Rachel Hermann

Rachel is an Educational Designer with The TeamBuilders Group. She graduated from Spring Hill College with a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Communications and a minor in Studio Art. After college, she began her creative journey as a marketing and communications professional in Milwaukee.

She then transitioned to a new role as a Data Analyst for an oil company in New Orleans. Soon after, Rachel got the itch to travel, so when she got the opportunity to teach kindergarten at an international school in South Korea, she took it without hesitation. After spending six years in South Korea as a teacher and supervisor, she realized she had a passion for education and promoting creative thinking in youth.
Pittsburgh seemed like the perfect place to continue her career in education management, and that is where she landed. Her desire to bring creativity to the classroom and promote S.T.E.A.M.­ centered collaborative learning make her a perfect fit for our team

Rachel has since moved to Holland, Michigan, from where she continues to contribute to The TeamBuilders Group’s mission by providing design expertise.

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