Kashif Henderson has served as teacher, administrator, and mentor. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director of Neighborhood Learning Alliance. Over the course of his educational journey he has made it his mission to expand opportunities and access to equitable programming and resources for all students. Kashif has established partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science (CS) to expand CS courses, served as a member of the University of Pittsburgh’s Counselor Advisory Board, is a team member for the University of Pittsburgh’s NSF INCLUDES grant to diversify access to STEM fields, and serves on the College Board’s Dream Deferred Committee and Regional Council. He is a recipient of the United Way’s “Be There” award and State Representative Jake Wheatley’s Certificate of Appreciation.

Equity, educational justice, and access are at the forefront of Kashif’s work. He has many years of experience leading professional development opportunities to expand teacher and community members; capacity to inspire and improve the academic talents and performance of students. 

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