Norton Gusky / photo courtesy of Norton Gusky

For over thirty years Norton Gusky has demonstrated in his teaching the power of technology as a tool for empowering kids, educators, and communities. Norton believes that technology offers students a tool for creative production, communications, and collaboration. Norton first began his exploration of technology in education as a teacher of the intellectually gifted in West Virginia. For over twenty years he worked as the Coordinator of Educational Technology for the Fox Chapel Area School District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Today Norton has transitioned his role and works as an educational technology broker.

Norton now serves on the Board of Trustees for the Manchester Academy Charter School in Pittsburgh.

Norton believes in empowering educators. He has chaired the planning committee for the Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference, a regional event in the Pittsburgh region for over ten years. In addition, Norton teaches two courses at the Heinz College of Carnegie Mellon University – “Planning for Innovation”and “Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning.” In addition, Norton coordinates the Quality Classroom Consortium.

Norton works with a number of school districts on educational projects, ranging from coordinating strategic planning to implementing Project-based Learning.

Norton also serves as the assessment architect for a regional company, Questeq, to develop a series of IT Assessment tools.

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