Nora Gilchrist

Nora is interested in history, context, and material culture, and being attuned to how our past and the things we create, consume, and value (or devalue) inform our ways of living. She is passionate about encouraging all people to utilize their gifts of creativity, which she believes we are all endowed with. She is grateful to be able to do work she cares deeply about via her position as the Creative Education Manager at Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse .

Nora began volunteering at Creative Reuse in July 2013, shortly after arriving from her hometown Boston, and was hired as Community Liaison in November 2013. As demand for hands-on programs grew, so did Nora’s position into that of Creative Education Manager.

Her background is in various aspects of art: Studio Practice, History, Community, and Teaching. She has worked in higher education administration, bookstore retail, and with a non-profit run used bookstore/youth entrepreneurship program. As an artist, Nora works primarily in portraiture but nearly always incorporates a reuse-y twist. She is now virtually unable to draw or paint on blank pages or canvases. She loves thunderstorms and has great appreciation for sassiness, gumption, and unsung heroes. Her artwork can be viewed at

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