Steve is currently the Applied Technology and Engineering teacher at Seneca Valley Senior High School. Steve’s passion for education started in high school with a few, outstanding teachers who inspired his career choice. He received his Technology Education degree from California University of Pennsylvania and immediately found his way into a full-time position at Pittsburgh Public Brashear. It was here that Steve reassured his true passion for education and love for his students and their future.

During this time, Steve joined a small team at Techshop Pgh and began as a lead instructor for Startable Pittsburgh. Startable Pittsburgh is a free eight-week summer program that teaches students ages 16-18 entrepreneurship and maker skills. Students develop, design, prototype, build, brand, market and sell products of their own creation by partnering with local retailers. Students earn a program stipend and keep all profits from the sale of their products. Startable has allowed Steve to continuously develop the art of teaching by doing so in a wide variety of environments.

After two, fantastic years at Brashear, Steve took a new position at Seneca Valley Senior High School. He is currently teaching two engineering courses and has recently started S.W.E.E.T. (Seneca’s Women Engineering Exploration Team). His passion for bridging the gender gap and moving closer towards gender equality has caused for S.W.E.E.T. to be one of the fastest growing clubs with an astonishing 42 students.

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