Mitra Fathollahpour / photo: Ben Filio

“Making the world a better place for everyone to thrive” has been Mitra’s passion since she majored in Psychology, and continued with Educational Psychology and Learning, Design, and Technology Master’s. It has been a long journey putting pieces of knowledge and experience together to create a path to pursue her dreams.

She has explored the world through eyes of a social worker, teacher, counselor, designer, entrepreneur, and researcher. Integrating all her experience, she chose to pursue education technology designer and researcher career path. In this field, she has been working with Stanford Research Institute International (SRI), Rockman et al, and Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (the Stanford. She founded FarsiTeachNet, an online community of practice around the world to empower educators in developing countries through localized content and technology.

To follow her passion, she is currently working with Human Computer Interaction Institute researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. In collaboration with experts in learning science, technology, and design, she is researching advanced solutions to create and evaluate effective and engaging games for early STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning.

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