Arielle Evans / photo: Caroline Amighi

Arielle is one half of Root + All, a communications firm that helps people and organizations make sense of what they’re doing and communicate that clearly to the people they serve. Together with Ryan Coon, Arielle enjoys creating order, designing new things, making media, and solving problems.

As Root + All, Arielle and Ryan were part of the communications team for Remake Learning in 2018 and 2019. Through messaging, marketing, content creation, and strategy, Root + All bolstered Remake Learning’s robust community of practice and supported educators working to improve outcomes for children and youth in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Before starting Root + All, Arielle was part of the communications team at The Sprout Fund, where she collected, produced, curated, and published media to raise awareness for the organization’s people, projects, and ideas. Arielle also worked as a production coordinator in television, documentary, and commercial production, most recently at Bill Moyers’ weekly PBS program Moyers & Company, where she was part of the production team that shot and produced studio interviews and field pieces that lifted up diverse American voices on a range of topics, including climate change, money in politics, economic inequality, and criminal justice reform. During this time, Arielle directed the digitization and archive process for Moyers’ entire body of work, over 1,400 individual programs.

Arielle worked with Matt Hannigan and Ryan Coon to build the website on which you are currently reading these words.

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