Robert DeFillippo

Robert started his career in special education with Intermediate Unit 1 with their alternative education program. His teaching centered around providing instruction to middle and high school-aged students in reading, science, and mathematics.  After his time with IU1, Robert joined the Allegheny Intermediate Unit 3 as a secondary Autistic support teacher.  While with AIU3 Robert has taught elementary, secondary, and vocational classes.  He has provided leadership presentations to school district superintendents in research-based best practices in reading as well as being nominated and received, the Annie Sullivan award for excellence in teaching and education. Robert is now a computer science instructor at Mon Valley School in Clariton, PA.

For the past 3 years, 2016-2019, Robert has championed the cause of bringing equitable access to computer science for a population that is underrepresented.  Lesson adaptions, differentiation, and how to use computer science with this population to provide deeper understandings for core content areas have been and continues to be, his focus.

Robert’s goal is to change the way special education is delivered and taught using a growth mindset, project-based learning, and computer science to engage students to embrace learning in a more meaningful way that will prepare students for a 21st job market.

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