Patricia Dahmen

Mrs. Dahmen is a secondary English teacher for the Cornell School District.  At Cornell, she teaches not only English but also the new journalism course as well as the CHS-TV studio club sponsor. She is always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance her curriculum as well as her television studio and student engagement.

Students enjoy going to Mrs. Dahmen’s class because of her creative approach to class.   Mrs. Dahmen has a unique ability to recognize a student’s area of need and find ways to strengthen them so that they can be a well-rounded individual.  Students respond very well to Mrs. Dahmen because she is incredibly personable, and she finds ways to reach each and every student.  In Mrs. Dahmen’s class, students learn by doing rather than by observing.  Students in Mrs. Dahmen’s classes have access to numerous technologies which are used to foster student learning and keep students actively engaged.

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