Photo of Christopher holding up a book to show kids in the room a picture featuring a train.

Christopher is an elementary Library Media Specialist and STEAM teacher at Mars Area School District. Since Christopher became a teacher, he has always incorporated project-based learning opportunities into the classroom. He has found that hands-on and innovative lessons were the best way to deliver and enhance classroom content. Whether it’s building a city in the middle of the classroom or coding robots to explore space, students always grasp information better when they are engaged!

Before coming to work at Mars Area School District, Christopher worked for three years at a project-based learning and STEAM school in Monterey, CA. While working at this school, Christopher wrote an entire fifth-grade curriculum that utilized STEAM projects. This curriculum teaches core concepts thematically across all subject levels while also leading a team of teachers to vertically align the curriculum.

Now that he has become a Library Media Specialist and STEAM teacher, Christopher has been able to collaborate with teachers to introduce new, innovative projects and tools to all students in the school.

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