John Choi

John likes to introduce himself by saying he is a robot programmed with a singular mission: To effectively engage, inspire, and attract the next generation of STEM talent. Currently a senior Computer Science and Arts student and Innovation Scholar at Carnegie Mellon University, John has over 8 years experience developing computer simulations using a variety of programming languages and 4 years experience building robots at Carnegie Mellon University. John is truly an artist, engineer, and entrepreneur all in one.

In 2016, John Choi founded an educational technology company called Choitek in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Choitek’s flagship product is the Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator Mk II, (or Mark II for short), an advanced robotics platform designed to be capable of performing a variety of human-size tasks, such as watering plants, playing the piano, feeding pets, delivering coffee, and most importantly, teaching and inspiring students with its easy-to-use and accessible hardware.

John Choi volunteered at the Carnegie Science Center, AssemblePGH, and Carnegie Mellon’s Leonard Gelfand Center, Project Ignite, Robotics Club, and several middle and high schools. Engaging non-profit, industry, and academic partners with aligned interests is part of John Choi’s larger STEM strategy, and John Choi is honored to be a part of the Remake Learning Network.

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