Kim Chestney

As the Director of Creative Industries Acceleration at the Pittsburgh Technology Council, Kim Chestney works at the intersection of creativity and technology. “Technology is important to Art because it connects creativity with innovation and the spirit of inventiveness,” says Kim.

Kim heads up the Creative Industries Network, which took off in 2008 in an effort to build a field of creatives, companies, and investors who can take innovative new technology, media products and services to scale.

“Whether we are using technology to create our art, or to share our art, it challenges artists to explore new realms of aesthetic experience and cultural relevance. But, on the other hand, Art is important to Technology for the most important reason of all.”

Kim sums it up like this: “Art gives Technology its humanity. And our humanity is the driving force behind every new technology we design and every product we manufacture. We are all makers. Without creativity, we don’t make anything. If we don’t make anything, we don’t progress.”

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