Connie Capiotis

Our programs educate about digital citizenship, online privacy, safety and cyber security. We live by values of safety, transparency, collaboration, tolerance, and growth, which means we love to share quality work and resources that are both our own and from other reliable sources. By providing resources and teaching people how to think about their use of technology, we create intelligent, able users.

I came into this work from a business development and marketing background. I’ve found that the skills I learned in digital technology and social media can be used to make a difference in our community, which makes my heart sing.

As Executive Director for the Social Media Advisory Counsel I am focused on providing programs and resources by collaborating with the amazing array of like-minded organizations in Pittsburgh and the surrounding regions, as well as online, making available resources that are both our own and from trusted sources.

By giving people skills and tools we can give them the means for success. Digital technology is veritable toolbox but it can also be dangerous and tricky to navigate. I believe the key is in education and teaching people, especially young people, how to use resources with a positive, growth mindset and how to be safe with their technology.


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