Connie Capiotis

I founded Digital Bridges Pittsburgh after spending several years working with the Social Media Advisory Counsel and seeing a need for a more robust solution to the digital divide, assisting marginalized communities grow and rebuild, and helping all users be safe and effective online. I was inspired upon realizing that even as a “digitally literate” professional, there was much about online safety and the nature of technology that remained a mystery, and few people are teaching average users how to be truly safe online, let alone effective in using the vast array of resources available online.

I am a trained mentor and active educator who comes to the nonprofit world after spending 17 years in for-profit business with experience in marketing, business development, and consulting. I believe that technology and business skills are some of the most valuable and transferable skills one can learn, and I love to share my passion for both. I used to help build companies, now I help build people.

Digital Bridges Our Mastermind Mentorship program program combines individual mentorship, group learning dynamics, and engaging curriculum to create an environment of support and success, using  basic technology as a tool to meet people where they are in terms of need for education, workforce development, or even basic needs. We then connect them to the appropriate programs both locally and online, and support them through the process of attainment and achievement.  By giving people skills and tools we can give them the means for success. Digital technology is veritable toolbox but it can also be dangerous and tricky to navigate. I believe the key is in education and teaching people, especially young people, how to use resources with a positive, growth mindset and how to be safe with their technology.

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