Maureen Anderson

Maureen Anderson, EdD. is a unique individual who, as a career-changer teacher, brought the real-world experience of the government, corporate, and non-profit sectors into education.  She spent a decade designing and delivering project-based and simulation-style education experiences in the areas of workforce skills, career readiness, and post-secondary planning at City Charter High School.  This dedicated urban educator also served as a staff member, sponsored a variety of student activities, including the award-winning Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship, and was a passionate advocate for students and families. 

Maureen seeks to meet and collaborate with the various members of Remake Learning, and to help in any way she can to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of students, families, and communities.

Maureen founded RefocusED, a non‐profit organization that seeks to be a valuable asset to the community as a research, development, and implementation organization dedicated to innovation in public education. RefocuseED’s mission is to create, study, and refine educational models, practices, curriculum, and programs that cultivate healthy, well-educated, engaged community members who are primed to play an active role in our evolving global society and equipped for the demands of the ever‐changing workplace.


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