Yeshiva Schools is one of the oldest Jewish day-schools in the United States, and the only Hassidic Jewish school located in Western Pennsylvania. Their students study a full course of Judaic subjects such as Bible, Midrash, and Mysticism, as well as a full course of General Studies.

Yeshiva Girls Division has made STEM a strong focus. In the last five years, they have devoted considerable funds, resources, and attention to their science, engineering, and math programs. They introduced robotics and coding, and fused these with humanities and Judaic studies. An example includes student renderings of famous works of art crafted with robotic components, such as movement, sound, and light, as well as narratives about the events or people depicted in the art.

In both Judaics and General Studies, Yeshiva favors a student-centered approach to learning that leans on questioning, group work, deep thinking, and creativity. Yeshiva is always seeking to grow in joy, rigor, and relevance. Girls’ school graduates are going on to become structural engineers, computer programmers, healthcare and finance professionals, all while living as hassidic women. Yeshiva is at the leading edge of a sea-change in the hassidic world, as more and more young people are looking to fuse creativity, community giving, authenticity, and religious life.

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