The Wrinkled Brain Project

We want to bring inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork into the classroom through collaborative education technology.

The Wrinkled Brain Project brings problem solving and critical thinking skills into the science classroom through genuine science inquiry. With 21st century education technology, we want to help educators teach science as science is really done, in a way that no one has ever tried before.

We don’t make more cookie-cutter labs with specific answers. We don’t package facts together for students to memorize. We provide ways for students to explore unsolved mysteries in science, to ask their own questions and think through how they would solve them.

Our first project will be an intuitive, easy-to-use collaborative learning software program that guides students through this process. Video clips of real scientists guide students to design their own experiments to grapple with still-unanswered scientific problems, like:

Why do we seem so alone in the Universe?
Why do we sleep?
How do we deal with climate change?
How do we stop infectious diseases from spreading?
How do we power the future with renewable energy?

Using our program, students will connect with each other around the world to ask their own questions. They will dig up their own background information. They will collaborate with each other to turn those questions into hypotheses, and transform those hypotheses into testable experiments.

That is the scientific process at its essence. Science is not facts and expensive tools, it is a way of thinking about the world, one that all students can learn, regardless of economic status. Not every student will have a microscope, but every student has a brain. We want to wrinkle those brains with science as science is done!

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