When She Thrives logo with Purple, black, and yellow theme. Yellow starts beginning by the W and ranging in size across the rest of the title When She Thrives.

When She Thrives (WST) is a community-based organization dedicated to empowering single mothers to move their families from poverty to prosperity through education, advocacy, personal and professional development.

WST envisions a world where ALL families thrive through access to health, wealth, and success, and values:

  • Resilience: People have the power within them to overcome failures and stand together in the face of adversity.
  • Integrity: WST has an unshakeable commitment to know and do what is right, and transparency when they are wrong.
  • Community: WST doesn’t grow alone. Their work ensures members of the When She Thrives Family don’t have to.
  • Empathy: WST values and seeks to understand the perspectives and feelings of community members
  • Respect: WST honors the rights, privacy, dignity, and diversity of The When She Thrives Family and community.
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