Union Project

Founded in 2001, Union Project provides a space in Pittsburgh’s East End for cultural happenings, from concerts to meetings, workshops to weddings. The converted church now houses a number of non-profit offices and a cafe, but our Great Hall and Atrium play host to all manner of special events throughout the year. We are dedicated to catalyzing change in our community, hosting summer camps for teens to learn about farming and ceramics (in our full ceramics studio) and bringing the neighborhood together through a space that is affordable and accessible for any kind of private or community event.

Run by a small full-time staff, a board of directors, a few part-time interns and a dedicated team of community members, Union Project is a special place on its grassy corner of Negley and Stanton Avenues. It is a place where you are valued for your experiences, for your creative expression and talents. Where opportunities and space are provided for you to connect, create or celebrate your ideas and skills in a manner that nurtures you personally, while building community simultaneously.

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