TodayPGH is a teacher storytelling platform that began in 2020 and just accepted fiscal sponsorship from New Sun Rising. It seeks to share powerful stories of diverse Pittsburgh educators to inspire future generations, lift up the profession and build bridges of empathy. This project transcends across school districts and grade levels, opening new windows into the field. TodayPGH hopes to recognize teachers who are working to insert humanity back into education, and transform the field in regards to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Teachers are continuing to leave the field at an alarming rate, and this organization wishes to recognize the stories that often go unnoticed and encourage future diverse educators into the field.

One Day is dedicated to youth who are the future of creating more equitable school environments. One Day currently targets Middle School students across Southwestern Pennsylvania. The pilot chapter began at Dorseyville Middle School in 2020, and One Day will continue to plant seeds in neighboring schools. Embedded within student councils, students will begin to identify curricular gaps, deliver social justice lessons to elementary students and work towards creating a culturally affirming school environment. Utilizing a mirror (identity), window (perspectives of others) and bridge (action) framework, students will work to create culturally affirming environments. One Day hopes to encourage diverse educational leaders into the field.


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