The Titanium Titans are a FIRST Robotics Competition team and the only independent high school aged robotics team in Washington County, PA. Over time, the Titanium Titans team has evolved in a dynamic organization of young adults and mentors with a mission to revolutionize society for the better.

The purpose of Titanium Titans Robotics is to inspire the young people of this world to become the innovators, leaders, visionaries and problem-solvers of tomorrow, and to enrich the lives of surrounding community members through FIRST robotics, beginning with the youth of Washington County. The Titanium Titans aspire to show the value of science and technology in solving the world’s greatest problems and to demonstrate how STEM-based activities and programming can not only be fun, but can also raise a generation of youth who are excited and ready to tackle the problems facing society now and in the future.

The Titanium Titans teen members provide low-cost robotics and STEM workshops and summer camps to young children in southwestern PA. They also provide meeting space and technical mentorship to FIRST Lego League robotics teams for elementary and middle school children. Part of the Titanium Titans mission is to bring attention to and spread awareness of the benefits that FIRST, STEM, and robotics bring to the community; members participate in robotics demonstrations and local parades that reach massive audiences on an exciting, introductory level.

The Titanium Titans also host a variety of free events throughout the year, which promote the participation of local youth in STEM, target partnerships with nearby, easily accessible local venues, and remove the barriers associated with longer distance travel to attend such events. Lastly, the Titanium Titans are dedicated to improving the lives of community members by volunteering their time and donating to other local charitable organizations, such as the food bank and shelter.

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