The Epicenter empowers students ages 7-22 to connect with themselves and their limitless potential. The experience of being empowered is transformative; it can lead to feelings of liberation, awe, clarity, focus, strength, confidence, purpose, joy, and deep gratitude.

The Epicenter is unlike anything that exists. Through intentional design, The Epicenter creates an open space (both physical and virtual) that not only empowers young people but also shows them how to cultivate this experience within themselves. The Epicenter facilitates an experience of empowerment guided by world-class instructors in a beautiful, natural setting. This experience is nourished throughout the year by connecting students with a community of empowered individuals, sharing resources, and offering additional guidance.

Open Spaces, Open Minds (OSOM) is The Epicenter’s virtual space. OSOM inspires and empowers The Epicenter’s community to explore with true curiosity, wonder, and joy. OSOM asks open-ended questions rooted in nature that do not have a “right” answer. How does one answer a question that doesn’t have a “right” answer? Through careful observation, by exploring oneself and the world, and by discovering new perspectives.

This mirrors The Epicenter’s approach to guiding students in sessions. By asking open-ended questions in a judgment-free space, providing opportunities to explore and create without boundaries, and being fully present, The Epicenter provides an experience of empowerment for all students.

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