The Campus Laboratory School of Carlow University is a Catholic, Laboratory, and Independent school; unique among the education institutions in the Pittsburgh region. The Campus Laboratory School offers a distinctive educational opportunity for children Preschool through Grade 8. Early Childhood options include Preschool, PreK, and a Primary Montessori program. Infants and Toddlers are served through the Early Learning Center.

As a Catholic institution, The Campus Laboratory School is rooted in the principles and history of our founders: The Sisters of Mercy. Judeo-Christian values are integrated throughout the school’s holistic educational approach of lifelong learning through a sequential goal-oriented process. The Campus Laboratory School provides regular religious instruction, Catholic celebrations including liturgy and sacraments, and service opportunities. Partnership with the Diocese of Pittsburgh affords opportunities such as competition in diocesan sporting leagues.

As a laboratory school, The Campus Laboratory School maintains a strong relationship with Carlow University. They partner with the University on educational experiences, professional development, opportunities for pre-service teachers, and sharing of facilities. The Campus Laboratory School joins Carlow University as a member of the CREATE Lab satellite network. Additionally, the Campus Laboratory School engages in educational, professional development, and networking activities via membership in the Pittsburgh Association of University Schools.

The Campus Laboratory School provides a supportive and challenging learning environment with rigorous, integrated curriculum. Students are offered authentic and differentiated learning experiences that support their tendencies, skills, and intelligences. An intentional focus on STEAM+ allows children to develop habits of mind and academic skills necessary for logical, scientific exploration while using technology in creative ways. Through the Responsive Classroom approach, they honor all aspects of the developing child in our environments by utilizing positive teacher language, interactive modeling, academic choice, and community building activities.

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