The Bloomfield Garfield Corporation (BGC) is dedicated to improving the lives of the Garfield residents and neighbors. They are dedicated to setting their students up for success while knowing how to deal with the inevitable failures.

The Youth Programs at the BGC include the College and Career Readiness Program (CCRP) and the Summer Learn and Earn Internship Program. The CCRP is BGC’s school year program, in which high school juniors and seniors who reside in the city make a plan for graduation and life after. They do this through mentorships, a profession-based speaker series, an optional paid internship in the student’s field of interest, scholarship opportunities, and more.

BGC works with around 50 students during the CCRP program and over 100 students during the Summer Learn and Earn Internship Program.  Learn and Earn is a city, county, and Partner4Work-funded program that hires, onboards, trains, and places youth in a six-week paid position. The program works with ages youth ages 14-21, the majority of whom are engaging in their first work experience.

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