The Sto-Rox School District is situated in an area of economic difficulties. The district believes that providing its students with opportunities to experience using creative and problem-solving approaches to their learning can show them that these difficulties do not need to limit their success, but simply indicate that they will need to find a new path to success. In collaborating with other organizations, educators at Sto-Rox not only learn new ways to lead students to find their paths, but also share with those organizations the ways they have found to work past a lack of material resources to benefit students. Teachers in the district actively seek out resources and development opportunities to enrich what they can provide to their students, including working with Agency-by-Design to bring maker-based education and learning to their students. Administrators in the district support and encourage teachers’ initiative in these areas, and work with them to continue to develop the vision of Sto-Rox as a STEAM school.

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