STAT provides unique and beneficial horse-powered mental health, physical health, and wellness services.

STAT features certified and licensed mental health providers working together with certified equine specialists and a herd of horses to help people heal through the power of a horse. They believe working with horses can help everyone recognize the strength within themselves.

For youth and students, they offer equine-assisted learning and out-of-school outdoor activities with horses, which can help in building social-emotional skills, improving negative behaviors, and providing skill enhancing activities for self-awareness, self-worth, communication, volition, self-care, self-love.

STAT’s locations in Ligonier, PA, include the Ligonier Therapeutic Center and Pleasant Meadow Ranch. They offer the specialized treatment strategies of EAGALA (equine-assisted personal development and psychotherapy), OK Corral Series, hippotherapy, and horsemanship training to Western Pennsylvania families.

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