An urban campus/incubator for technology and social innovation — StartUptown is a nonprofit organization that provides collaborative work and living space for early-stage entrepreneurs and their companies at below market rates. Its location is the underserved community of Uptown, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

THE VISION is to build a community-connected campus of entrepreneurial activity in the eastern half of the Uptown neighborhood — and to retain companies as they grow upwards of 20-50 employees.

THE ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE is that economic development happens through a culture of innovation — that entrepreneurs can build economic, educational, and cultural strength in underserved neighborhoods — while growing their own businesses.

In part, StartUptown functions as a community clearinghouse to promote, encourage, and support the resurgence of its distressed neighborhood. The organization seeks to attract new residents and new startup ventures to locate in Pittsburgh’s Uptown neighborhood. Through event programming, it encourages networking among Pittsburgh’s entrepreneurial communities — and the education of our residential community and legislative representatives about the benefits of supporting early-stage startup businesses to help build a healthy regional economy.

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