Mapletown Jr/Sr High School at Southeastern Greene School District

The Southeastern Greene School District (SEGSD), located in Greene County Pennsylvania, recognizes the importance of technology in the study of STEAM subjects and values collaboration with other districts and stakeholders when it comes to preparing its students for meaningful employment and personal success in the future.

The district has iPads for all of its students in grades 2 through 8 and utilizes laptop carts throughout its two schools, Bobtown Elementary School and Mapletown Jr/Sr High School.  The district has implemented research-based programs that focus on science, math, English Language Arts, foreign language, and social studies and has Smartboards or Promethean boards located in all of its classrooms.

Students at the elementary school have an opportunity to complete STEAM exploration through a Student Multi-media Accelerated Lab (SMALLab), where the classroom is transformed into a 3D learning environment while students in the high school take part in STEAM activities through newly implemented virtual reality programming.  SEGSD is always looking for new and exciting STEAM ideas and professional development opportunities as the district continues to focus on student success and career readiness.

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