Snapology helps children grow up with a thirst for knowledge, by engaging kids ages 1-14 using LEGO® bricks, K’Nex, and technology. Snapology believes children learn best through play, and incorporates educational concepts while kids have fun with familiar toys, laptops, and iPads.

Snapology is a premier partner for STEAM programs, offering year-round programs in schools, community facilities, homes, and in Snapology Discovery Centers.

Founded in Pittsburgh in 2010 by two sisters and franchising since 2015, Snapology’s mission is to provide children with an opportunity to engage in playful learning activities that stimulate creativity and an interest in learning. The company has grown to 60+ franchises in the United States and is now in five countries. Snapology headquarters and the Pittsburgh Discovery Center are located at 1350 Old Pond Road in Bridgeville, PA.

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