Science Adventure School (SAS) is an adventure-based, outdoor science school dedicated to empowering and educating West Virginia’s 6th-grade students. Over the course of four days and three nights, SAS integrates adventure sports-driven STEM curriculum with a hands-on, engaging environmental curriculum at the world-class Summit Bechtel Reserve. With a distinct focus on student development through experiential education, Science Adventure School offers high-quality instruction and meaningful experiences to inspire inquiry, instill confidence, and empower the leaders of tomorrow.

SAS works directly with the school attending to keep together the 6th-grade classes and accompanying teachers in order to build positive relationships among students and between students and teachers. Additionally, this ensures that every student has a chance to attend regardless of the socioeconomic status of the family. SAS helps students explore outdoor recreation activities with the intention to empower students to get outside and become more active back at home. SAS also spends a lot of time talking with students about their home state to build a sense of pride and belonging to West Virginia and their communities.

SAS knows that West Virginia needs students to grow up and learn in healthy, positive education environments, have the confidence and grit to make it through adversity, be proud of their homes, be active for their own physical and mental health, and be excited and motivated to pursue education – through high school, college, or beyond. SAS is dedicated to addressing these needs and supporting, empowering, and growing these students.

As a whole, SAS fits in perfectly with the Remake Learning Network. SAS inherently ties closely in with the priorities of the initiative – play, inquiry, and community all strongly associated with what SAS does.


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