SchoolPinnd started with a very simple premise and an organic approach – how can we as parents be more informed and make our child’s school experience the best possible?

SchoolPinnd’s smart and flexible solution leverages technology in its web-based service to provide a safe and effective online community network to parents, guardians, residents and other stakeholders of a specific school community where they can freely interact and exchange information and ideas in a coordinated and trusted environment.  Further, since each school is different based on demographics and its challenges and strengths, what applies to one may not apply to another, hence the ‘local’ nature of the platform.  SchoolPinnd’s vision is that parents:

  • Ask and learn from each other
  • Encourage fellow parents to become real partners and informed leaders in their school communities
  • Welcome newcomers to the school so they can more quickly become a part of the school community
  • Tap into the wealth of knowledge of our school communities

Also, SchoolPinnd is proud to be registered as a Benefit LLC in PA, a social enterprise with a corporate purpose of creating public benefit while operating in a socially and/or environmentally responsible manner to be more credible and transparent.

In Pittsburgh, SchoolPinnd is building membership in selected schools and structuring collaborative partnerships. SchoolPinnd currently has a presence in North Allegheny School District, Pittsburgh Public School, Obama Academy 6-12, and Avonworth School District.
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