Ruth’s Way, Inc.

Ruth’s Way Achievement Consultants are Strength-based Family Workers who strive to empower our female youth, so that they learn how to manage their own lives and are in total control of achieving their MOST successful future possible!

They provide female youth with the blueprint on how to achieve successful futures, by showing them how to properly navigate through life’s bumps and bruises, so that their ultimate virtuousness can be revealed! They show girls and their families how to appropriately address their own barriers so that they are properly prepared to deal with future adversities through healthy self-reliance.

Their programs and curriculum are gender-specific, focusing on the positive development and recreation of female youth so that they can achieve their most successful future possible! The following are just a few of the phenomenal programs at Ruth’s Way:

Life Skills Just For Girls! is a gender-based program derived from a more holistic approach which combines the spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of healthy lifestyles. Its core areas of focus are
self-esteem, effective journal keeping, goal setting, interview attire, healthy relationships, positive communication, job-readiness, career preparation, healthy eating habits, self-care and image building.

The Junior Toastmasters Communication and Leadership Development Program is taught by an authentic Toastmaster, whom presents genuine Toastmasters Curriculum which is designed to cater to young audiences for easier comprehension. In addition to learning phenomenal Public Speaking skills, youth develop communication and leadership skills through practical experience.

The Career Mentoring Program is a collaborative effort between Ruth’s Way and the Goodwill GoodGuides Youth Mentoring Program, which provides participating youth with a Career Mentor AND an Instructor who teaches the Jumpstart Success Curriculum!


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