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RobotWits, LLC, is a spinoff of Carnegie Mellon University that develops self-driving vehicle technologies and other advanced robotic solutions around planning, prediction, and decision-making. The RoboWits team provides customizable training and capacity building for all levels of learners from K-12 schools, industry, government agencies, and educational and workforce development organizations.

RobotWits supports student futures in STEM by creating materials that:

  1. Reinforce mathematics concepts with examples through robotics
  2. Increase STEM career awareness and real-world relevance of math
  3. Decrease the perception that STEM careers are inaccessible to certain groups of students

RobotWits partnered to help create The Robot Doctor video series, a public-private continuity of education collaboration that provides supplemental math instructional content for students, as well as ongoing educator support to help teachers use the series in virtual, blended, or in-classroom learning environments. The Robot Doctor educational approach ties mathematics concepts to cutting-edge robotic technologies from drones to autonomous vehicles to humanoids. By bringing excitement to mathematics concepts applied in robotics, the Robot Doctor links math competencies to careers and connects students to a world of innovation and discovery in STEM careers. The series was designed to be accessible to the majority of Pennsylvania’s students by leveraging no and low-tech formats.  The Robot Doctor video series can be streamed, downloaded, or watched on public broadcast channels across Pennsylvania.

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