Riverview Intermediate Unit (RIU6)

Riverview Intermediate Unit 6 (RIU6) is one of 29 intermediate units spread across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. RIU6 serves the region encompassing Clarion, Forest, Jefferson, and Venango counties and parts of Armstrong, Butler, Clearfield, Crawford and Indiana counties in northwest Pennsylvania. Services are provided to 17 school districts, two part-time Career and Technology Centers (CTCs), one full-time CTC as well as non-public schools in the region. Special education services that are available to students throughout the region include early intervention, life skills, emotional support and multi-disabled support classrooms. Other services such as speech/language, hearing, vision, occupational therapy, physical therapy and math/reading remediation are also available.

Riverview Intermediate Unit 6 works on behalf of local educational agencies to create consortia to identify vendors and negotiate reduced rates for services that would otherwise cost more if negotiated individually. Additionally, RIU6 works within the community to foster relationships between local districts, higher education, pre-service educators and industry leaders.

RIU6 is making adjustments as it plans for the future by including STEM and STEM-related practices in its current educational offerings. Students, educators and administrators will have more new and exciting opportunities to explore technology and realize the impact it can offer. Events planned at RIU6 will spark new interests in hobbies or careers for all. Everyone has the potential to learn—RIU6 wants to provide the possibilities.

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