Real World Scholars is a nonprofit organization that works alongside innovative educators to build better and more scalable ways for young people to do work they care about, gain skills and experiences they’ll need, and come alive in ways they never imagined. Real World Scholars supports over 30 EdCorps in the Pittsburgh region, ranging from elementary school students that have created a business to promote kindness in the community to high school students that created and run an escape room on their campus.

Real World Scholars believes that dissolving the walls between the school and the community can be a powerful catalyst for learning and is always searching for ways better equip young people to be their best selves and become agents of change in their communities.

In 2014, RWS developed the EdCorps platform to allow classrooms (kindergarten through high school) to explore entrepreneurship and operate as a business – or Education Corporations (EdCorps). With the EdCorps e-commerce technology, more than 250 classrooms have built student-run businesses as a way to explore their passions and interests, learn content by engaging with it in authentic ways, and connect with their communities.

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