Prospect Community Library is a small rural public library in central Butler County founded in 1922 by a group of concerned citizens in the Prospect Woman’s Club. After its founding, the library was temporarily housed in private homes, store fronts and the community center for nearly five decades before finding a permanent home at its present location. In 1971, a small brick library was dedicated on Main Street in Prospect. An addition was added in 1990 and it continues to grow as programming expands to meet the needs of its population.

The library’s summer reading program brings in both adults and children from across the county. Educational programming is introduced in a fun, hands-on way that allows the children to explore and learn in a scientific manner. Each child is able to participate at their own level and is commended for all of their achievements in order to foster confidence and a love of learning. Many summer reading participants return for school year programming, but for those who cannot, they eagerly await the next summer’s fun.

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