ProjectArt transforms public libraries into vital cultural hubs through artist residencies where contemporary visual artists teach free, after-school art classes to underserved youth, while developing new artwork in the library.

We incorporate many of Remake Learning’s values, such as inclusivity, innovation, accessibility and experimentation by providing arts education to communities that need it most.

the problem:

Over 4 million national elementary public school students do not receive arts education because it is underfunded and unavailable. Concurrently, access to adequate, affordable and meaningful art studio spaces have become increasingly out of reach for emerging artists.

the solution:

Our model has proven results in NYC, Miami and Detroit. We launched in Los Angeles, Chicago and Pittsburgh in 2017 – as the first step towards becoming the largest art school for youth in the United States.


We elevate the experience of arts education by creating highly accessible art spaces for youth in libraries where they continuously engage in deep learning in the visual arts, benefiting from its positive ripple effects. We provide compensated grants to contemporary artists whose artwork and teaching skills are inspired within the confines of the library.


+ We partnered with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to launch our program in Allegheny, Knoxville and West End in 2017.

+ We will be expanding to three additional libraries in September 2018 including East Liberty, Beech View and Woods Run.

+ 6 artists will teach art classes to a total of 270 youth. Each artist mentors about 45 students

+Classes are free and serve youth ages 4-17 years (in 3 age groups) who do not have adequate arts learning opportunities.

key points:

+Founded in 2011 and is a 501 (c)(3)

+ Opened with 10 students in 2011 and will serve 1,900 youth in 2018

+ Offers free, after-school and Saturday art classes for youth

+ Founder Adarsh Alphons is a CNN Hero + Provides grants to resident teaching artists

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