Open Source technology community and marketplace, PiMios, provides is founded upon three pillars of innovation:

Learn. We empower innovators by developing a platform for continuous learning for everyone from novice to expert. The goal is to increase the talent pool by creating a teaching, learning and mentoring environment.

Share & Collaborate. Sharing and collaborating is the essence of any community. Each member will have a profile so members can identify those with common interests, identify skill levels based on their badges, share their work, and post content of interest. Members can create collaborative projects, where they can recruit friends to join and help build these projects

Innovate & Grow. The result of learning, sharing and collaborating is innovative products and economic growth. The “How do we do” questions will become “What if we do this”. New products and new technology will be developed. We are creating “The PiMios Idea Tracker” – an online tool to capture ideas and projects that members would like to build. Better understanding of existing technology breeds innovation, so our pioneering “Idea Tracker” captures your idea or will help you find other similar projects.

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