Kelly is currently teaching her 15th year of public school in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She began her career as an elementary educator in grades 2, 4, and 6, teaching all subjects and serving as a writing coach and curriculum coordinator. Kelly taught four years as an elementary gifted coordinator in Mt. Lebanon School District, serving 7 buildings of teachers and administrators, bringing high-quality resources to all K-5 teachers and creative thinking/design challenges to K-5 students.

As a gifted coordinator, Kelly most enjoyed connecting teachers with the latest learning resources, giving them the ability to “keep up” with the quickly changing world of educational resources. She has created a website to support teachers in this endeavor,

Elementary Blueprint

Elementary Blueprint is an interactive teaching community where teachers find, share, rate, and collect teaching resources. Teachers connect with and follow other teaching professionals, expanding their knowledge of content and ideas applicable to classroom and professional growth. Elementary Blueprint aims to help all teachers keep up with ubiquitous digital resources by using the resource teachers value the most: other teachers!

Kelly is looking for opportunities to expand and develop this portal resource for teachers, allowing them to focus on the students and know they have the best resources right at their fingertips.

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