Never Fear Being Different

Never Fear Being Different (NFBD) is a Pittsburgh based non-profit (part of the Ascender Incubator). NFBD’s mission is to educate and empower the social media generation by curating socially-relevant content to positively impact our society. Jordon Rooney, the CEO, started as a school speaker and was in 70 schools in 7 states his first year. He saw a need to amplify positive messages online so he started to create video content. NFBD grew to 165k followers with 2 videos having 8 million views and 100k shares each. NFBD was the top performing nonprofit media organization for the past 2 months on Facebook(outperforming TED and NPR). With the shift in modern media, advertising, and how we consume information, NFBD has cracked the code to amplify a message to a widespread audience. They have developed strategic media partnerships with Women and Girls Foundation, Public Source, and multiple other companies.

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