NextGen:Pgh is an innovative nonprofit organization that enhances the quality of life in Pittsburgh and beyond. NextGen:Pgh provides education programming and seeks to bring people together in new, exciting ways, including the production of events and programs that grow the economy, increasing social interaction, improving public health, promoting greater environmental sustainability, and enhancing Pittsburgh’s cultural scene.

NextGen:Pgh Civic Stage

Each year, four million students become eligible to vote, but are not adequately prepared for a lifetime of active participation in democracy. Civic knowledge is perilously low in America and if our democracy is to thrive, there must be engaged and empowered young people, even more so in the age of Covid-19.

Although currently operating virtually during the pandemic, NextGen:Pgh Civic Stage is an open-street, pop-up, youth-led, ‘civic incubator’ launched in partnership with Pittsburgh Public Schools and others that provides students with a new leadership framework and programmatic platform to transform their communities. NextGen:PGH Civic Stage prepares students for active civic engagement leading up to their first vote and beyond.


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