Neighborhood North: Museum of Play is an emerging children’s museum in Beaver Falls that grew out of the observed need for more equitable education and experience opportunities for children in Beaver County and surrounding areas. Children’s museums are unique spaces designed to foster curiosity, joy, and learning. Bridging the school and home environments, the child- and family-centered play of a children’s museum positively influences language, problem-solving, and socio-emotional skills, impacting children’s ability to learn in all areas for years to come.

The future will be guided by those curious enough to create change and innovation. Neighborhood North’s vision is to strengthen the community by inspiring all to become the next generation of innovative and creative thinkers.

Neighborhood North will accomplish this by inspiring children, supporting families, and building a creative community where play and learning connect through exploration, hands-on exhibits, and innovative programming.

Neighborhood North will positively impact the community in these specific ways:

  • Helping close the knowledge and opportunity gap
  • Promoting workforce preparedness through the development of 21st-century skills
  • Being accessible across economic boundaries and be a place where all types of learners can thrive
  • Supporting families in their role as their child’s first teacher
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