The National Aviary is America’s only independent indoor nonprofit zoo dedicated exclusively to birds. Serving a diverse audience and offering a broad mix of programming, the organization’s team includes skilled educators and animal ambassadors who provide authentic opportunities for students and visitors to practice science, math, art, and other important disciplines. Staff members also provide supplemental materials to help local teachers bring lessons to life in the classroom.

Through the National Aviary’s education programs, students have the opportunity to explore important conservation and ecology concepts through engaging studies. Students and teachers benefit from new and powerful forms of messaging, and continual expansion of the One Northside For Every Student program model to other Pittsburgh-area schools.

In addition, unique learning experiences always include at least one live bird. These ambassador birds make abstract concepts real and tangible for participants. By educating students in ways that are highly interactive and entertaining, the National Aviary helps to instill conservation values that can last a lifetime and help protect natural resources. As they come face-to-face with birds, students experience science in an exciting and memorable way that promotes knowledge and understanding of classroom content. The National Aviary literally brings science to life.

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