Multiplying Good is a 501(c)3 focused on engaging the community through training and honoring those who volunteer their time and resources to help others. Multiplying Good offers a powerful continuum of training, activation, and recognition to bring more people into service and to magnify the scale of their efforts.

Students in Action (SIA) is Multiplying Good’s youth program, providing service-learning and leadership curriculum designed for middle and high schoolers to help them become empathetic leaders and change-makers now, and equip them with the critical social and emotional skills required to be successful in their future careers. SIA is designed to be student-led: young people thoughtfully research and choose their area(s) of focus; work towards sustainable outcomes; develop, manage, and implement their own service projects; measure and reflect on impact; and recognize others for service in the community. Students learn how to assess current needs in their communities, develop a plan of action, connect with their peers, build community partnerships, and engage others to complete service projects, measure impact, and reflect on their experiences. SIA empowers youth voices while elevating a culture of service to others.

Students In Action provides hands-on guidance to both students and their academic advisors. While adding practical value to traditional academic core competencies, SIA’s flexibility allows teams to utilize the program as a class dedicated to leadership or college/career readiness, as a standalone club, or as a larger umbrella body, coordinating and implementing service at the school level, all at no cost to schools, students, or advisors to participate.

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