The Mosaic Community Development Center is a restorative practice program for underserved Jeannette public school students.

Mosaic was founded specifically to seek racial justice. Every aspect of their programming reflects their restorative approach and fearless confrontation of inequality.

Specifically, they seek to:

  • Identify, dismantle and replace systems of bias within school policy and procedure
  • Identify opportunities to engage families and involve them in school policy-making
  • Remove School Resource Officers and offer verbal de-escalation training to school staff

Mosaic staff combines extensive local experience and national expertise to mobilize the community toward racial equity. They have secured unanimous support from the School Board and Superintendent to initiate their project and counter the unacceptable racial equity disparities in Jeannette schools.

Mosaic is currently engaged in revising school disciplinary procedures, addressing cultural competence issues, offering restorative practice training, and in-school de-escalation support to reduce student/police interactions. They create safe school environments where students are empowered to impact their surroundings and experience a sense of success and accomplishment daily. As students grow, programs provide out-of-school enrichment opportunities, tutoring, career guidance, college counseling, exposure to the arts, and work apprenticeships. Students are taught the academic skills to succeed in school, organizational skills to become successful adults, and social skills to become leaders in their communities.

One of their greatest challenges for communities of color outside of urban areas is a lack of resources. Mosaic seeks economic justice by engaging Pittsburgh’s civic, business, and philanthropic leaders in a dialogue about the needs of rural people of color. They seek sustainable partnerships with city leaders to address equity and justice not only in Jeannette but county-wide.

Mosaic’s reach also goes beyond school walls. They offer free conflict resolution services to the community to resolve disputes nonviolently and find sustainable solutions to disagreement.

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