Moonshot Museum logo in blue and black. Space ship and rover going in circle on left side of logo with trail.

The Moonshot Museum will open in Pittsburgh’s Northside in Summer 2022 as the first museum in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be focused exclusively on space. The Moonshot Museum is one of the only museums in country to offer a window into the construction of real spacecraft by space industry professionals at the headquarters of Pittsburgh’s own Astrobotic Technology.

Moonshot Museum’s mission is to inspire a diverse community to find their place in the future of human exploration, illuminating opportunities to get involved in space across the full spectrum of STEAM learning, from engineering and rocket science to design, creative writing, and public policy. Strategically partnered with the Carnegie Science Center, the Readiness Institute at Penn State, Discovery Space science museum, and the Keystone Space Collaborative, the Moonshot Museum strives to build a Pre-K through Career pathway for young people and communities interested in tapping into the new space ecosystem.

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