McGuffey School District

McGuffey School District is a rural, public school district in Washington County, serving students in kindergarten through twelfth grades from nine municipalities. Four schools comprise McGuffey School District: Claysville Elementary School (K-5), Joe Walker Elementary School (K-5), McGuffey Middle School (6-8), and McGuffey High School (9-12). The District is named after William Holmes McGuffey, who wrote a series of Eclectic Readers and was a famous and revolutionary educator. Covering approximately 200 square miles, McGuffey School District is sparsely populated by fewer than 5,000 households and 12,480 people. The mission of McGuffey School District is to be an educational leader by enabling students to reach their full potential through the acquisition and application of knowledge and life skills.

McGuffey School District strives to provide authentic learning experiences at all levels of the educational system. At the elementary schools, students engage in an application process to secure leadership roles as student technology leaders (to provide professional development and technical support for students and staff) and student agriculture leaders (to maintain the greenhouses and aquaponics labs located on each campus). Middle school students build on the computer curriculum from elementary school to extend their coding skills not only in computer classes, but in other courses (i.e., family and consumer science) to design projects to improve the lives of humans and animals.  McGuffey High School operates three approved vocational programs: general agriculture, agricultural mechanization, and technology education, which provide specialized opportunities for students at their school of residence. McGuffey School District is currently exploring  industry certification opportunities for students in both vocational and general education programs.

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