All youth deserve fair opportunities to be productively engaged in STEM learning activities, and to have opportunities to develop their STEM capabilities in order to pursue a career in STEM.  Therefore, Tech Innovation prioritizes the development of youth who, as adults, are categorized as underrepresented in STEM jobs (the socioeconomically effected, females and blacks).  Equity is addressed by

  • helping youth understand the school to career connection (career readiness and career exploration)
  • engaging youth in culturally relevant STEM learning activities and experiences (skill building and social development)
  • providing direct connection / interaction between youth and business professionals that look like them

Tech Innovation activities build participants multimedia technical and technological skills, increases their technological fluency and mastery, explores media and technology as career options, improves self-awareness, self-identity, and confidence, increases ability to collaborate and work as a team, strengthens problem solving skills and provides opportunities to apply these skills and showcase their talents.

Main ST staff are veterans in providing STEM/STEAM learning and youth development for Allegheny County youth.  With over 20 years’ experience, the Main ST team has successfully worked for and with several schools and organizations to improve youth STEM knowledge and skills.

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