Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) of PA is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to helping children and adults with learning disabilities and ADHD find success. LDA of PA received their nonprofit status in May of 2019. LDA of PA is the official state affiliate of the national Learning Disabilities Association of America. They provide direct services and support to students and adults. They run a multi-sensory reading intervention program for low-income and underserved students where they use specialized techniques to help improve reading proficiency.

LDA of PA trains all our reading interventionists and administers all reading tutor at no cost to students or their trainees. LDA of PA has taught more than 300 teachers and parents in multi-sensory reading and math techniques over the last 3 years. They also create multisensory videos of complex scientific protocols from high school and college science labs to make science more accessible to neurodiverse students for Pitt Bio Outreach, University of Pittsburgh Chemistry Department, and EvolvingSTEM. These videos help make science more accessible to all students!

LDA of PA has partnered with Arcade Comedy Theater and developed workshops and after school classes where they teach weekly lessons in improv comedy to help increase confidence in students with learning disabilities. Comedy is a positive way to help students overcome the obstacles associated with thinking differently. LDA of PA also provides direct support to help create more accessible workplaces and colleges. LDA of PA also spearheaded a fundraiser to donate almost 7000 N95 and KN95 masks and 420 face shields to approximately 1,400 special education teachers and staff members across PA during the COVID-19 pandemic. LDA of PA has touched the lives of hundreds of students, parents, caregivers, and special education teachers. All of the projects LDA of PA works advance the overall wellbeing of students and young adults that think differently.

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